Rebate Available By Owner “how-to guide”

This free online resource is designed to help you understand the process of selling your home, and provide you with valuable tools and insight to do it yourself.

Deciding to Sell

  • FSBO or Full Service
  • About Selling your Home FSBO
  • Understand the Market
  • Prepare Your Home for Sale

Marketing Your Home

  • Marketing plan
  • Working With Buyers
  • Showing Your Home to Buyers
  • Getting an Offer

Managing Offers

  • Understanding the Offer
  • Qualify the Buyer
  • Forms needed
  • Presenting Counter-Offers
  • Negotiating the Offer
  • Contingencies

Closing the Deal

  • Resolve Any Issues
  • Escrow Details
  • Finalize Details
  • Closing Day
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