List Your Home on the MLS

How to List Your Home on the MLS with Us:
A Step-by-Step Guide

Preparing to List:

How to List:

In order to gain access to the MLS, you need to use a real estate agent or an MLS service. Options for listing on the MLS include:

  1. Using a traditional 6% listing agent:
    6% commission, full “service” home sale process.
  2. Using our Free FSBO MLS service:
    Substantially less than the traditional method, more scheduling, negotiation and compliance work involved by you.
    No agent = No Commission Here’s a checklist to get you started with listing with us:

    • Sale Price:
      Before you can add your property to the MLS, you need to set your listing price. Check out this post for tips on the best way to determine the ideal price point.
    • Listing Photos:
      Photos are arguably the most important element of your listing. In order to attract buyers, your photos need to be well composed and intriguing. Learn how to create compelling photos that will impress potential buyers.
      *Must be photos taken by you, or your photographer.
    • Property Description:
      A comprehensive, compelling listing description helps you to sell your property (and the lifestyle it provides) to potential buyers. In order to engage more buyers, make a point to highlight unique features of your property, assets of your location and any money-saving features, like new appliances, that provide long-term value.
  3. Using our Full Service Listing with our Team:
    3-3.5% commission, full service home sale process, for the same price as a FSBO, we do all the work.

For more details on each option, click here for a comparison

In order to build out a compelling real estate property listing for your FSBO, to get your home sold, it’s best to prepare everything ahead of time.

If you have any questions on how to list, feel free to contact us, 808-242-9244

We’re happy to help in any way we can.

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