MLS Photo Upload

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As per MLS Rules and Regulations
Photos submitted for listings may contain only depictions of the listed property and its vicinity. If there are structures on the listed property, there MUST be at least one photo of the frontal view of the primary structure.
► Marketing and promotional messages, including images of "for sale" or other signs, is expressly prohibited.
► Images from third parties, such as maps or aerial photos provided by Google, Yahoo, etc., are not permitted without a license or authorization to republish them.
► Pictures of people are not allowed.
► We reserve the right to not use any photographs that are in violation of MLS rules.

These are my photographs and I have full rights to these images and I Agree with the above MLS rulesYesNo

Upload Photographs for MLS
1) .jpg or .jpeg only
2) Horizontal pictures our best, vertical pictures don't show as well.
3) 1366 x 768 Max if possible, 1024kb or less in size.
4) 25 Maximum, Number in order of placement on MLS preferred. (ie. main.jpg, 1.jpg, 2.jpg, etc)

Only "Submit Photos" once, large files will take time...