Educated sellers who understand the process of listing and selling a home would never list with a typical 6% agent. The typical agent who tries to charge 6% is referred as a “6% agent or Traditional Agent”. They prefer to call themselves “Full Service Realtors” to make it sound like they are providing more than what they are. Ask them what they provide compared to us and watch them squirm, don’t let them off the hook.

There are very few things that a 6% agent can provide compared to us, and if they say they do, contact us and if it makes sense to help sell your home, we will put it in place. In fact, the chances of selling your home faster or for a better price are reduced by a 6% Traditional Agent.

The single most important factor that generates showings and offers is the PRICE.
If you are paying a 6% commission, you have to price the property high to cover the cost. By listing with us, not only can the listing price be lower, but you should receive the same amount at closing, or more. When a buyer contacts us about your home, we offer them 50% of the Buyers Commission as an incentive to buy your home!

This is why many people have their home listed with a 6% Realtor without any activity. When they finally decided to list with us to get more for their home, it’s priced to get showings and offers right away. Sellers never try calling the phone number on their agent’s yard sign pretending to be a buyer as a test to see how the call is handled. We suggest that you should try it to see how it’s handled by the Hawaii Real Estate Team.

The 6% commission traditional agent’s dilemma
Sellers are more educated today.

Today’s sellers are more educated and tech savvy, with over 90% finding the homes and information they need from the Internet or on their smartphone, experienced and educated sellers realized that the 6% agents can’t really provide more than we do, or in most cases even close to what we provide.

Some 6% commission agents get very creative with their “Sales Myths” to try to convince sellers to list with them at a 6% commission.

Here are the some of the most common “Sales Myths” that traditional agents make to try to convince a seller they should list with them at 6% instead of saving thousands with us:

We agree 100%
Most people probably do not know that the standard listing agreement that 6% Traditional Agents use states that if the house sells while they have it listed, you pay 6%. If they do nothing more than put their sign in the yard and enter the listing in MLS, it’s still 6%.

Even if you sell the house to your neighbor, your sister, your friend and the agent had absolutely nothing to do with making that happen, you pay 6%. It’s unbelievable that many sellers sign the standard 6% commission listing agreement, most probably never read it. It’s completely one-sided in favor of the agent.

Worst of all, once you’ve signed the listing contract, even withdraw it from the market will not let you off the hook. You will not be able to list it with anyone else before it expires. If you sold it within the original expiration date, you still must pay the original listing agent the 6% commission. If you ever need to do a 6% listing, do it only for 30 days, and extend it for 30 day at a time if you see the agent is actively marketing the home for you. Or you demand to always build in a un-conditional withdraw into any listing agreement.

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