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MLS Data Sheets
This is the document for the MLS Information needed to create your MLS Listing.

Please complete as much as possible, Do NOT Sign, email to and we will verify and send for Electronic Signature via Docusign. You can use to fill out online.

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Hawaii Home Condo Land
Kauai Home Condo Land
Maui Home Condo Land
Oahu Home Condo Land
Molokai Home Condo Land

Photo Requirements

► All photos need to be in .jpg format
All photos to be emailed to us prior to the listing going live. If we have to go in and add photos later there could be a $25 fee.

► All photos need to be “Attached” as an .ZIP email attachment.
Compress all Photo and .ZIP them as a SINGLE file Or send link to to outside sites like Google Drive or Dropbox to obtain your photos. Some Mac users send them and they’re embedded in the email, they must be as attachments, we cannot right click to get them.

► Order of the photos.
The most important photo is the front Main Exterior from the street, then kitchen area. We will put your photos in a logical order unless we are directed to put them in a specific order. and we’ll put them in a logical order for you. We do this all day so rest assured it will look fine.

► If you want photos in a specific order.
You will need to “Rename” each photo the order you want. Rename each photo like this: 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg and so on, DO NOT email them without renaming and a note telling us what order to put them it, it is far to confusing and will not be done.

► Size of photo.
These are small photos on the internet, not large photos on the wall. As such they can be small, between 100k to 300k in size. All photos need to be resized or “Resaved” to under 300k.

There are various photo resigning websites on the internet.