Limited Service MLS – Purchase Contract Instructions

Seller has signed an agreement with us to handle only certain aspects of the transaction and will be representing themselves through Purchase Contract to closing. If situations arise where seller needs more assistance we are available and will have the appropriate documents and agreements signed at that time, and will forward same to you. In addition please feel free to contact us at anytime regarding any concerns.

Instructions for Purchase Contract:

1 ) List seller as representing “Hawaii Real Estate Team” on Page 1 Section A-2(a) Seller Representation.

2) Email Complete and Signed Purchase Contract, Addendum and any attachments

3) We will sign the cooperating brokers agreement (COOP) and email back to you.

4) Please notify us of Escrow Information, pending status and closing status with all contact information. So you will receive proper credit on MLS for the sale.

This ensures compliance and we definitely want you to receive your deserved credit.

We rely on you to let us know of closing delays and do not want to receive any fines regarding this transaction. If our company does receive a fine due to us not being notified by you or your company, we will forward the fine to you to pay.


Download Purchase Contract Instructions